Furniture Reuse

Furniture Reuse

Furniture re-use

Dramatically reduce admin and easily make LA and HMRC claims Furniture Mine

The Kudos solution was selected by Furniture Mine to enable straightforward transactions and collection of Retail Gift Aid and the re-use furniture pick-up and delivery process to help them provide affordable furniture and electrical goods to low income households more effectively.

The Requirement
This not-for-profit organisation required an integrated solution to manage processing of furniture and electrical items from donor pick-up through the warehouse and workshop to the store and ultimately customer delivery. 
Important to Furniture Mine was a solution to integrate customer account invoicing and workshop management with retail sales, obtain Retail Gift Aid efficiently and co-ordinate item delivery / collections.  There was also a requirement for the solution to provide management and 3rd parties with various reports including items / weight saved from landfill.

The Solution
Kudos met all these criteria and more; all staff will be using use one solution from booking a collection in, to tracking goods through the warehouse, workshop and retail environment and running reports. 
Features have been designed to optimise users’ time and minimise resource waste.  It’s easy to move, delete or modify details of all the visits.  The simple driver drop sheet shows all the details and even flags up if a Gift Aid form needs completion.

Arthur Yates, Integration Manager at Furniture Mine, will be managing the implementation process.

‘To have one integrated solution will produce vast economies on everyone’s time, and to have access to information on failed pick-ups, sales by value and item and current stock-holding will enable us to drive the project forward.’