DIY, Hardware & Builders Merchants

A complete EPoS and stock control system to all DIY Hardware shops and Builders Merchants. Credit accounts, thousands of lines of stock, demanding customers... running a busy DIY business can be challenging.

One Integrated System for your Hardware Business

Kudos Software is a fully featured retail and stock management system - powerful yet easy to use for any builders merchant or hardware retailer. All your sales transactions at the EPoS till are managed with integrated Chip & PIN. In the back office there are controls and features to help you buy better stock, drive down costs and increase your bottom line.

Effectively Manage Your Stock

Tracking and managing hundreds of lines of stock is easy with Kudos Software. You know exactly what stock you have at any one time. You can buy stock more effectively and automatic stock replenishment means that you’ll never miss a sale again.

Easily Manage Credit Accounts

If you deal with credit accounts then Kudos can streamline the account process by ensuring that every item is billed to the customer’s account. No more lost transactions. At the end of the month, create an account invoice at the touch of a button.

At the Till

• Manage sales at the till
• Fully customisable touch screen tills
• See images at Point of Sale
• Recommends related products
• Take special orders
• Integrate product datasheets
• Size/colour/fit matrices
• Run promotions and discounts
• Offer cash back
• Run loyalty schemes


In the Back Office

• Create and manage stock records
• Manage customer files
• Set up customer credit accounts
• Set up supplier files
• Automatic replenishment
• Streamline purchasing
• Goods received routines
• Manage stock takes
• Comprehensive reporting
• Integrates into accounts packages

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