Outdoor Leisure

Outdoor Leisure

Outdoor Leisure and Sports Shops

Streamline your outdoor leisure business with a complete EPoS and retail stock management solution. Ideal for single or multi branch sports stores, outdoor clothing shops, camping and accessories retailers, bicycle shops and water sports businesses.

One Complete EPoS Point of Sale Solution

Kudos Retail is a fully featured retail tilling system - powerful yet easy to use for any outdoor leisure retailer. At the tills, the Kudos Retail EPOS system manages the entire sales transaction with integrated Chip & PIN. In the back office there are controls and features to help drive down admin, manage stock and increase profits.

Stock Management

Tracking and managing your lines of stock is easy with Kudos Retail. You know exactly what you have at any one time and this information is available to you at the point of sale or in the back office, while size/colour/fit matrices make managing clothes easy. Automatic stock replenishment means that you’ll never miss a sale again and Kudos Retail helps you buy your stock more efficiently - saving you money.

Sell More

More than just an EPoS system, Kudos Retail helps you actually sell more at the tills. Related stock items and product accessories are prompted at the point of sale for your staff to suggest to the customer. Kudos Retail allows product datasheets to be held at the point of sale - ideal for bikes, tents or other items of stock that have a detailed technical specification, ready to print out at the till when a customer enquiries. [More...]

Kudos Retail Software is fully integrated with Kudos Workshop, Kudos Mail Order and Kudos Web Links, so multi-channel retailers can be sure that they are running their retail business on one central EPoS system with completely integrated stock management.

At the Till

• Manage sales at the till
• Fully customisable touch screen tills
• See images at Point of Sale
• Recommends related products
• Take special orders
• Integrate product datasheets
• Size/colour/fit matrices
• Run promotions and discounts
• Offer cash back
• Run loyalty schemes


In the Back Office

• Create and manage stock records
• Manage customer files
• Set up customer credit accounts
• Set up supplier files
• Automatic replenishment
• Streamline purchasing
• Goods received routines
• Manage stock takes
• Comprehensive reporting
• Integrates into accounts packages

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