Kudos Merchandistics

Kudos Merchandistics


Combining fashion and general Merchandising techniques with current Logistics opportunities to dynamise your stock - and maximise your investment return. With Strategic Purchase Planning and In-season Optimisation, Merchandistics enables rapid response to the retail environment through seasons, across multi-channel and multi-branch environments and the challenges of reverse logistics.

Multiple Branches, Multiple Channels & Direct Sourcing presents new challenges:

• Merchandising and planning from factory to store
• Optimising deployment of stock across multiple stores
• Reverse logistics throughout the estate - dynamise your stock. 

Improve stock turn and ROCI

• Allocations - Don’t supplier order when you have the stock – in the wrong place. 
• Range planning - Have the confidence to optimise buying and carry less stock across branches.
• Incorporate Web Returns in your Calculations.

Maximise profit from seasonal buys

• Integrate forecasting and merchandising into the season and to the buyer.
• Improve full price sales by early identification of slow sellers.

Cloud Based

• Fast and effective on your desk – or on your buyers iPad at the factory or show.


• Pay for it as you use it – maximum ROCI: because no capital needed!

Integrates with your software

• Fully integrated software solution for multi-channel retailers designed to integrate with your retail and inventory management software techniques to give you superfast visibility of your stock at any point and deliver the right results.


Modern Retail - new Challenges : Kudos Merchandistics - the new Solution



Merchandistics is funded by the South Devon Coastal Local Action Group, incorporating funding from the EU, Defra, SWRDA and LEADER