e-Commerce and Web Links

Web Links enables you to manage the products you want to sell on the web through your Kudos system whilst giving you the flexibility to design and implement an e-Commerce website using SellerDeck Software.

One Integrated System Manages Your Retail and Online Web Sales

SellerDeck Links enables you to trade online using Kudos Retail to effectively manage both retail and online e-Commerce sales. From managing stock to sell on the web to processing orders and then shipping them, Kudos Weblinks handles it all.

Save Time and Reduce Errors

Because one system is managing your online and high street shop sales there's no need to manually input web orders and no duplication of effort. This reduces errors and saves you valuable time.

Easily Manage Your Products on the Web

The stock data held in your Kudos system is easily exported in a SellerDeck hierarchical file using Kudos Webshop Manager. This includes a picture, product description and title, the price, a new product flag and matrix items. Create the hierarchy and then easily add stock items to the right level. You can edit the item and select products to be shown on your e-Commerce website.

Integrated Order and Fulfillment Processing

When you have a web sale, the web order is pulled back into Kudos, which not only manages stock and e-Commerce sales but will also handle picking, packing and shipping.

Start Trading on eBay

Take advantage of eBay’s powerful brand to drive online eBay sales by setting up your own "shop front". SellerDeck Links supports eBay trading allowing you to import web orders direct from eBay into Kudos.

SellerDeck – Market Leading e-Commerce Web Software

We chose SellerDeck as our web partners because they are market leaders who offer a good range of e-Commerce solutions at competitive prices. You can choose to design and manage your own website or if you'd like some help we can arrange for award winning web designers Logo Design to supply and set up your SellerDeck e-commerce site. Alternatively there are many other web designers who specialise in SellerDeck e-Commerce, for more information see the SellerDeck website.

Not using SellerDeck?

Don’t despair if you use a different e-Commerce web product, just get your web people to write conversion programs to put the data into the format they need for uploads.