Packing & Dispatch

Packing & Dispatch

Mail Order - Pick, Pack & Dispatch

Kudos handles the sales order processing, picking, packing and dispatch routines needed for warehouse operations.

Once a sale has become an order, manage the fulfillment of the order with two further stages. 


• Put short items on purchase order, incorporate on receipt
• Flag to ship part filled orders
• Invoice credit card or account sales at sale stage or dispatch
• Hold and release sales orders
• List orders due to pick, select specific or next order
• Show item details including status - "to pick", "already picked", "on order"
• Print and check off pick lists
• Pick with handhelds (with data capture unit option)

Packing and Distribution

• List orders and items to pack
• List back orders waiting on packing orders
• Assign items to parcel
• Record parcel number
• Assign carrier selection
• Record carrier consignment codes for parcel tracking
• Print multiple user defined shipping documents
• Record shipping numbers and notification

These features are part of both the Webshop and Mail Order products.