Kudos will be attending the CRA Conference, will you?

Are you attending the CRA Conference?

25th and 26th of June 2018

Sarah Dodd, Paul Bewley, Nick Walker and Andy Frost will be exhibiting at the CRA conference. Kudos invest in developing our software and exhibit at events, we have new and exciting developments for 2018.

Come and see us for a preview of our electronic Gift Aid sign-up and on-line E-Booker for booking donor collections and the latest on our staff scheduler.

This year Kudos are sponsoring the Charity Retail Association Bursaries,  we were delighted to be invited to sponsor the Bursaries for 2018. We started by developing software to enable charities to Claim Gift Aid on the sale of donated items but over the last ten years it’s grown into so much more.

The diversity in charity retailing is something to be celebrated, Kudos sees that small charities are at the forefront of this because, by being small, innovation and change is easy. The unique flexibility of the Kudos software has enabled charity customers run cafes, deliver furniture, sell on-line, open pound shops, sell lottery tickets and so much more.

Helping smaller charities attend the CRA conference means we’re helping to share the knowledge and experience within the sector. Share ideas and options on technologies such as mobile donor sign-up, online collections, footfall monitoring and customer loyalty schemes. Share the challenges too; stock, volunteer retention, selling new goods.

We’re eager to learn from charity retailers and to share experiences we’ve learned from our 300 plus customers when we welcome the bursary delegates to our stand at the conference.

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