Retail Operations

See what’s happening in the stores to make truly informed, data-driven decisions. Share best practices, identify problems before they start to have an impact and use the data insights to support the shop team in achieving their goals.


Shop Managers

Kudos provides crucial business intelligence at the Point of Sale, highlighting potential issues and checking how well the shop is doing comparing sales to target, sales history and other shops



Kudos integrates with HMRC for RGA processing and enables automatic donor communications by email or post. Data export to accounting packages support MTD regulations.

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Improve your decision-making process

Kudos’ customisable dashboard gives you all the information you need, at-a-glance. See what’s happening with sales, Gift Aid, stock and security with our web-based dashboard.

You can drill down to the data, in real-time, for greater understanding. Plus, you can automatically share reports with your team and export data to third party systems easily.

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Clever insight reporting

The Insights tool in Kudos head office is a clever reporting function that empowers you to drill-down by time / date / category / shop – to access the sales, Gift Aid and stock information you need to make informed decisions.

The colourful display and engaging charts make it easy to identify trends and make comparisons. Insights puts you in control of reliable data, in a format that you and your team can easily access and understand.

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Collaborate with the rest of your organisation by sharing data through our secure Web API.

An integral part of the system architecture accessible by charities on demand in real time. Your charity can export data from retail, finance and fundraising to produce a useful overview of the analytics.

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Comprehensive stock management system

Let Kudos help you manage your bought-in stock and optimise space allocation, cash flow, promotions, and purchasing decisions.

With our comprehensive stock management system, you can track your inventory from purchase order to sales, including stock allocation and transfers. Our user-friendly reporting suite also allows you to get the right stock in the right place at the right time.

Kudos Software | Simply Doing More

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