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Selling in-store

Your in-store team is responsible for driving sales but it’s our responsibility to make their jobs easier. Our friendly team is always on hand to deliver great training and support, meaning your charity can concentrate on providing exceptional customer service to your shop visitors.

  • Reliable, responsive POS software
  • Simple, intuitive touch screens
  • Integrated card processing
  • Single scan barcoding
  • Understanding what new goods are selling and where
  • Pricing strategies for new and donated stock
  • Making it easy to manage refunds and credit notes
  • Prompts for low-running stock and special offers
  • Simple banking and day end processing

Plus, with Kudos your team can harness the power of our business intelligence tools to identify problems and take advantage of opportunities quickly.

Kudos Software | Simply Doing More

EPoS designed for your charity

We tailor the touch screens to your charity, and to each store type so your team only see the buttons they need. This gives your volunteers the freedom to provide excellent customer service, as our POS system is created to be user-friendly and straightforward.

  • Fewer mistakes
  • Quicker to train
  • Volunteer retention
  • Shorter queues
  • Happier customers!

Kudos EPOS is designed for resilience, ensuring your team won’t suffer down-time or speed issues because of internet reliance.

Kudos Software | Simply Doing More

Kudos EPoS helps your charity sell more

Monitor your shop’s performance using Kudos EPoS. Compare trade against targets or to other shops and encourage your team to boost sales.

The Kudos Charity Retail System offers a variety of features to enhance your promotions, including prompts for volunteers to offer incentives such as lottery tickets, raffles, or run a loyalty scheme. Our software provides everything you need to make the most of promotional opportunities.

Kudos Software | Simply Doing More

New goods

Kudos allows your team to easily scan and sell new goods using supplier barcodes, or by creating barcodes for your own stock from head office.

These barcodes can be shared across your charity shop network for a streamlined stock and sales process.

Kudos Software | Simply Doing More

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