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Maximise your charity’s Gift Aid potential

The Gift Aid software is mapped to your processes to help maximise your charity’s retail gift aid income.
  • Sign up new donors online or instore using our Gift Aid app, you’ll get fantastic donor record accuracy
  • Barcode stock, per donor, so all eligible items include GA
  • Get Gift Aid on rags from sales to recyclers with our really simple process
  • Scan as you sell and watch the GA build
  • Sign donors up on the doorstep when you’re collecting furniture
  • Capture the GA from online sales with web integration
  • Identify problems and opportunities quickly with business intelligence tools
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your donor data is secure with Kudos

Kudos makes the Gift Aid process even quicker, easier, safer and more accurate for donors and volunteers with electronic donor signup in-store, on your website, or on an app.

You’ll have electronic records for every donor and no paper forms to manage. Whether via Standard Method or Methods A / B, Kudos can help make the claim process quick and easy. Saving time and putting your charity in control of how often you claim.

Kudos Software | Simply Doing More

Making Gift Aid easy

Kudos improves the accuracy of donor sign-ups, which means fewer rejected forms and more Gift Aid donors. To maximise Gift Aid income and increase sales, it’s important to get the best price for every item. By simplifying the process with single-scan barcodes, volunteers are free to focus on giving great customer service.

Kudos Software | Simply Doing More

Optimise pricing for donated stock

Kudos can help your charity achieve the maximum selling price possible for each item, which in turn will improve your Gift Aid earnings.

The system offers flexibility that allows for standardised pricing, customisable price points per category, or complete autonomy for your shops. We understand that you know your team and customers best, so we will work with you to implement a pricing strategy that best supports your charity.

Kudos Software | Simply Doing More

Simplify Gift Aid tracking with barcoding

Barcoding all Gift Aid items is a simple way to ensure that the donation is captured at the point of sale. By embedding the GA donor ID (if applicable), stock category and price in a single scan barcode, volunteers can easily manage the process.

Kudos Software | Simply Doing More

Gift Aid on rags

Get a valuable increase in Gift Aid income by simply claiming on sales to recycling merchants.

Our intuitive process for Gift Aid on recycling makes it easy for your shop teams to claim all possible gift aid from each donor. Simply use the Kudos touch screens to aggregate rags into batches. The sales can take the form of credit sales to the rag merchants, which are then managed centrally on the browser head office.

Kudos Software | Simply Doing More

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