The challenge

The children’s charity aimed to achieve several objectives: boosting gift aid, enhancing customer service, and streamlining the sales process so that shop managers can concentrate on generating donations and organising stock. Additionally, the charity required assistance during the transition to Method B for Retail Gift Aid.


The solution

The easy-to-use touch screen tills keep shop volunteers focused on service so they’re able to ask donors to register for Gift Aid and ensure gift aided items sales are data-captured correctly. This ensures that all gift-aided item sales are accurately recorded.

Communications to donors and claims to HMRC are straightforward for the head office team and with daily administration time in the shop minimised and the system being so robust, shop managers can focus on generating donations and merchandising.

More recently the account management team at Kudos supported Brainwave through the changeover to Method B for Retail Gift Aid.

Barry Upfold, Head of Communications, Database Management & IT said, ‘Kudos has gone beyond the scope of normal support arrangements by consulting with the charity providing advice on the changeover project’.


The results

Kudos has provided consistent, helpful, pro-active support for Brainwave enabling the charity to increase Retail Gift Aid income and get the most out of the software and ultimately, compete successfully on the high street.

Barry said ‘With Kudos Charity Retail in place, we’re delighted that the charity has managed to receive income from this area and is looking to increase this over the years to come. Kudos respects what we at Brainwave are trying to achieve and the efforts we go to generate income. We value the service we receive greater than the amount Kudos charges both in time and quality.’

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