With direct input from our charity and hospice customers, we’ve developed easy-to-use and practical solutions for shop and online sales, collections & deliveries, cafes, workshops, management information, finance and Retail Gift Aid.



New or recycled hardware options

Configurable touchscreens

Item search by barcode, key word or drill down

Single scan barcode

Product related sales message prompts

Electronic receipts

Integrated payments


Gift Aid

HRMC approved automated Gift Aid process

Gift Aid on Rags

Printed or electronic donor declaration

Donor sign up via tablet app or browser

Business Intelligence

Digital & exportable reports

Live reporting across shops

Custom Dashboards

Sales insights

New Goods

Barcode scanning

Stock transfers

Tablet based new goods stock take app

Sales order processing

Collection & Delivery

Multiple vehicle round management

Online bookings

Tablet based driver app

Doorstep donor sign-up


Flexible banking routines

Petty cash tracking

Blind or seen cashing up and reconciliation

Ledger link with accounting software

Staff Scheduling

Time and attendance record and report

Send shift reminders

Plan rotas

Staff training records


Integrate online & instore reporting

Gift Aid on online sales

Dispatch sold items through Kudos

Sell online at store or head office

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