Doing Lottery with Kudos

Lottery tickets sold at Rowcroft Hospice

Lottery tickets are now being sold at Rowcroft Hospice charity shops through Kudos EPoS

Rowcroft Hospice understood from experience that donors liked to donate through entering a lottery, they had been running a lottery via direct debit for some time. Enabling single ticket purchases in the shops was the next phase of the lottery programme.

To start the project the charity’s Retail Business Analyst, Harold Howarth, spoke to Kudos regarding how best to integrate.  Their aim was to be able to sell tickets in the charity shops through the POS and feed the lottery numbers sold to the Rowcroft Hospices lottery system.

Unique in the charity sector is Kudos’ configurable touch screen. As each shop went live with lottery tickets the quick sale button and prompt on the home screen of the POS enabled the volunteer to ask if the customer would like to buy a ticket.

Whilst the Kudos software included the ability to sell lottery or raffle tickets, Rowcroft Hospice also had requests for the development team which included help with the smooth running of sales and lottery draws.

The solution

Kudos created an export ready for simple import into Rowcroft Hospices lottery system enabling all tickets, sold in shops or by subscription, to be collated into one draw.

Rowcroft Hospice could easily see how many tickets each shop, and the retail division as a whole, were selling on our browser head office.

After a successful two-week live trial at three shops Rowcroft Hospice rolled out lottery ticket sales to all shops within two weeks.

The implementation was a great success and greatly increase the retail contribution to the hospice:

Harald Howarth, Retail Business Analyst said ‘Our first week of the trial saw £48 of lottery ticket sales and our first full week saw £161 in sales. We anticipate this will grow to around £300+ tickets per week. With minimal costs we hope to increase lottery income by £15,000 in year one alone.’

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