Kudos is ISO 27001 Certified

Kudos are pleased to announce that we are ISO Certified

More bureaucracy? Less paperwork!

It took Kudos a year long project to achieve the sought-after ISO 27001 data security standard – we found it had reduced the paperwork through the company.

Rigorous security of the use of people’s data is essential in the modern world and the ISO 27001 process reviews all aspects of the operation through that detailed prism.

A useful side effect has been the reduction of paper in the business. This has improved efficiency and also give Kudos a lot of ideas that have been able to build into the software we provide to others.

As a small company and tightly run team we have to work to understand the more structured world many of our larger customers work within.  We supply solutions to some national charities and they need more a formal approach to align different teams. – ISO helped us understand and respond to their needs better.

The project converged with producing and implementing support for GDPR, so it’s been a very secure 2018 for Kudos – so what’s next. It’s a fast-changing world, with module point of sale, and multi-channel retail growing fast.

The ISO standard has improved our business processes, demonstrated our ability to meet customer and regulatory requirements. It confirmed that our services are safe and reliable and will continue to improve our operation overall – it was hard work but what a sense of achievement that we have passed.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001:2013 is one of the most well-regarded and accepted standards for information security management systems. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is an independent, international organisation that brings together experts to share knowledge and develop consensus-based international standards.

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