Long term relationships

We believe developing our tech, and training our team to support our customers is a key factor in building long-lasting relationships.


Generate more income

With a user-friendly EPOS system, your in-store team can focus on giving great customer service. Using our business intelligence tools to track store performance can boost success across your charity shop network.


A team that works for you

At Team Kudos, we are committed to delivering outstanding project and account management services. Our support team, located in Devon, is comprised of highly skilled staff who bring their expertise to every call.

Our Credentials

We take quality of service and our clients data very seriously:

Kudos Software | Simply Doing More

Making sales easy

Kudos makes sales so easy for volunteers instore because the touch screen is designed and tailored to each user.

Our experience of hundreds of system implementations means we know that minimising the need to press or find buttons, or select from drop down lists, keeps your volunteers smiling and helps to streamline the sales process. By keeping things simple, Kudos enables volunteers to focus on engaging with customers and donors, resulting in happy customers.

The business intelligence you can glean for the software is accurate and timely to help you make the most of opportunities and identify potential issues before they have any impact.

See Charity Retail System

Kudos Software | Simply Doing More

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Our systems are simple to use and designed to help you and your team to grow your business.

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