Kudos Software Annual Predication Quiz 2018

Congratulations to both Shax and Heart of Kent Hospice

Joint Winners of the Kudos Software Predication Quiz Winners 2018

We had two main winners for our Kudos Predicating Quiz 2018, congratulations to both Shax and Heart of Kent Hospice.

Quite a few people were able to predict that Reuse Network report would see an increase of C02 saved by their members. We’re also now all aware that if we like making marmalade it’s possible to win recognition in the ‘World  Marmalade Awards’!

No one managed to predicted that Geraint Thomas would win the Tour de France, great for Geraint and for Wales that he is now ‘Sports Personality of the Year’ as well.

About SHAX

SHAX are based in Scotland and provide essential furniture and household items at an affordable cost to local people in need. “We do this especially for people moving from emergency accommodation to a new permanent tenancy – through a referral process from Support Agencies. Clients are referred to us by their Support Worker, who we ask at come along with the client to help fulfil their need.” Read more…

About Heart of Kent Hospice

Heart of Kent Hospice provides care for people in Maidstone, Aylesford, Tonbridge, Malling and surrounding areas. “We care for almost 1,500 patients and their families each year. Our services cost £4million a year to run, with over £3million raised through the generosity of our local community” Read more…

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