The challenge

In 2019, it became apparent to Wayne Taylor, one of the Directors at SAL Marine that they needed an efficient, quick way to link the inventory and stock to online selling channels such as Ebay and their e-commerce website without having to duplicate the records.

Adding Kudos WebLinks, a solution that integrates online with on-site sales, has enabled SAL Marine to have a single source of inventory with all the prices, stock records, descriptions and images managed in one location.

Fast-forward to March 2021, and SAL Marine has also installed Kudos SOP (Sales Order Processing). SOP handles all their order tracking, the issuing and tracking of part quotes, consignment tracking numbers and helps to manage the audit trail.

The solution

SAL Marine has found that by adding WebLinks and SOP, Kudos is providing a complete sales and stock solution. Since the installation of WebLinks, in July 2019, the business has recorded an increase of web traffic of around 400%, and also a 10% increase in sales revenue.

“I have found WebLinks dramatically speeds up the processing of orders because it enables them to be automatically populated and negates the need to duplicate, or manually input data and details.”

And, as a result of Kudos Sales Order Processing, ordering is more efficient, delivery times are faster, and overall customer service is much better. SOP is helping SAL Marine to keep pace with the increased volume of business being created from the rising number of new customers.

SAL marine also now uses Kudos at Power Afloat, Keyhaven and Dave Crawford Marine. This has helped to bring the offices and workshops together, making it a lot easier to run all three of the businesses.

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