Getting the most out your  Workshop with Kudos


Easy job management for maximum return

Optimise stock, manage labour and invoice accurately on time. Kudos has development the tools to help your workshop thrive.

Managing a job

It’s easy to see the profitability on each job, and the information to help maximise is readily available within the software. Useful standard reports per job that can be seen and shared, easily.

Kudos gives workshops the ability to avoid delays and maximize margins, enabling you to continuously monitor job profitability and resource requirements. The recording and billing processes are easy; from creating an estimate through to the final, accurate, invoice, issued on time and straight from the system.

Managing the workshop

Managing a busy workshop is made easy with Kudos, plan resources in advance, allocate parts, labour and see the potential gaps to be filled. It’s simple to control the stock accurately when booking parts from the counter or the stock room.

You’re also able to build a library of standard jobs to systemise invoicing and work, making it faster and easier for your staff.

Maximise repeat business with regular services reminders. With our standard report suite Kudos enables managers to build a more profitable and efficient workshop business.

If you need more functionality we also have Workshops Plus

Helping you manage large projects:

Kudos Workshop Plus helps to break large projects down and manage them task by task. Whether it’s by week or by competence, planning and allocating manageable tasks supports projects from start to finish. Workshop plus allows invoicing to different customers for warranty or insurance elements of a project, at any time during the project.

Enabling you to plan your resource management:

Manage your resources, see who is allocated to which job, how much time is used for billable work per person and see where the gaps are that need to be filled. Engineers can even log on and off jobs directly on the system.

Task based screens help manage jobs by type, engineer, due date or a number of other parameters.

There’s also a function to share resource allocation with Outlook or export to MS Project, whichever works best with existing business processes.

Customer communications:

Customer queries are easily answered as access to the job is simple, so answering questions on WIP or invoicing can be done by anyone in the team.


Kudos Workshop offers a directory of standard reports to help with labour efficiency, stock management, invoicing and cash flow.


The invoicing is part of the software and completely flexible.  As much or as little information can be shown on an invoice and a group of specific jobs are easily linked to one invoice, if required.

SAL Marine Devon said ‘…brings the office and workshop together which makes running the business a lot easier. ’

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