Quarter Two – Quiz Winners 2018

Quarter Two– Quiz Winners 2018

We had five winners for the second quarter of our predictive quiz, the prize money will be shared between:
Emmaus Colchester, Emmaus North East, Heart of Kent Hospice, The Rowans Hospice and Toogoodtowaste

Emmaus North East and Heart of Kent Hospice have now won twice this year, they must have their very own Mystic Meg’s.

Opinions were divided on Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) and her partner Jade Jones tying the knot before June 2018, and whether Mick and Linda would still be running the Vic together at the end of June.

No one predicted that Daniel Ricciardo would win the Monaco Grand Prix or that Amber Rudd would resign as Home Secretary and Sajid Javid be appointed as her replacement.

The Kudos quiz for 2018 was issued in December 2017 and we received a large number of entries from our charities. Watch this space…. donations from Kudos for the most correct predictions are made every quarter.

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